Examination & Promotion Rules

On examination days on student is allowed to enter the examination halls or classrooms before the general assembly.

No leave other than medical leave is sanctioned during examination period provided a medical certificate from such medical authority as will satisfy the principal is submitted on the day the student is absent so that appropriate entries may be made in the school records.

Any other leave applied for and token during the examination will be at the risk of the parents and will not be token into consideration in determining promotion.

In any case a medical certificates is not a guarantee for granting promotion. If a student falls sick for a part of the whole examination he should have the required pass marks from the other examination held during the year.

Examination will not be anticipated for individual; students. Examination once missed will not be conducted again for any reason.

Candidate will be disqualified if they are detected in giving or oftaining to give or oftain unfair assistance at the examination hall or classroom any lock memorandum or pocket book,notes or paper except the question paper of the current exam. Unused answer sheets must be submitted to the staff invigilators.

30% marks each of 1st and 1100 terms and 40% of the fimal examination will be taken into consideration for promotion to higher class.

Parents I guardians must sign the report card when it is sent for and return if the next day.

Promotion to the higher class is based on the annual aggregate that takes the whole years performance through tests and examinations.